01 Jun

Magazine Monday: Lakeland Walker

I do like this cover for Lakeland Walker. I guess it is fair to assume that the June issue of the magazine is really important to the publisher and the “get your boots back on” message really works.


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17 Sep

Planning To Start A Magazine – Insider Tricks For Researching The Market

How To Gain Competitive Advantage During A Magazine Launch

If you are starting a magazine you will need to research the market that you are entering in order to gain an understanding of the potential for your magazine.

Most of all you need a fairly accurate estimate of…

  • The number of magazines in your chosen market.
  • Their cover prices.
  • The one sale date of your competitors.
  • How frequently they are published.

Read on to learn just how easily this can be done…

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04 Aug

Starting A Magazine How To Design A Great Magazine Cover

Your Magazine Cover Will Either Make You Or Break You

If you are starting a magazine the  cover will be the most important element of your magazine. Get it right and new readers will pick up your magazine rather than their regular publication. Get it wrong and your investment in time, effort and money will be wasted. The newsstand is a busy competitive place and newsstand displays are not always well managed.

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24 Jul

About To Start A Magazine: How To Set Your Cover Price

About To Start A Magazine: The Beginners Guide To Cover Prices

If you plan to start a magazine one of your first tasks will be to decide on the cover price that your magazine will sell at. Magazine publishing is unusual in that ,broadly speaking, the “manufacturer” sets the selling price and your magazine will not be discounted by retailers…the price you set is the price the magazine reader will pay. When you are starting a magazine then make sure you set the optimum cover price from day one. Read More