04 Feb

Spotify For Magazines Anyone?

Do Developments In The Book Publishing World Show The Way Forward For Magazine Publishers?

On the surface the book publishing world appears to have adapted to digital rather more successfully than magazine publishing. E Readers have been around for a few years now and take up is steady and sustained.

Many readers have now grown used to carrying around a whole library of books on a reader or a tablet and publishers are beginning to adapt the technology to improve reader experience. In markets such as food and hobbies rich content is much better developed than it is within many magazine publishing companies.

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20 Jan

7 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Digital Magazine

Stop me if you have heard this one before but 2015 could finally be the year that digital magazine publishing comes of age. If you plan to start a digital magazine the publishing world is set to get much more interesting.

Digital publishing has been the great also ran of the last few years…promising much and delivering little. The technology is now mature and there are reasons for thinking that 2015 may be the year when digital finally comes of age.

For new publishers digital publishing has one overriding advantage over print…its cheap.

Problem is it has not so far delivered numbers…read on to learn why this could be about to change.

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03 Dec

Magazine Publishers: Use Your Digital Skills As Part Of Your Advertising Sales Offer

Starting A Magazine Or Growing A Publishing Business : Offer Digital Marketing To Your Advertisers

You may not have guessed it but advertising revenues for magazines and newspapers are growing again. Newspaper publishers are also doing some interesting things that are beginning to produce new revenue streams.

Demand for advertising in the printed magazine is showing slow decline with most magazines experiencing declines of 4% – 5% per year but this is being more than compensated for by growth in digital advertising. Regional newspapers, for example, are predicting growth of 17% in digital advertising this year…from a low base it has to be admitted  but substantial growth nonetheless.

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13 Nov

Starting A Magazine : You Need To Think Like A Retailer

The Key To A Successful Magazine Launch

In order to achieve a successful magazine launch you will need to take off your publishers hat and think like a newsagent.

No matter how innovative your magazine is or how wonderfully it has been written and designed you will not be successful unless newsagents choose to display it on their shelves.

There are a number of factors which will influence a newsagents decision to stock your title. The most unpalatable of these will be the need for a promotional budget, but budget is not the only factor that will influence a retailers discussion to stock your magazine or to turn it down.

Read on to learn how to ensure that your magazine is in the right stores from day one.

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22 Oct

How To Start A Digital Magazine And Make Money

Turn Cost Into Profit When Starting A Magazine App

Magazine apps are an attractive way to launch a magazine brand, especially if you are new to publishing and have limited resources.

For traditional print based magazine publishers apps can provide a new revenue stream and the opportunity to reach readers who would never buy the print version.

Reader take up of paid downloads has been slow, however, and for many publishers the level of sales being generated has been disappointing.

So how do we make money from publishing a digital magazine…

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07 Oct

Starting A Magazine : 4 Reasons Why You Need A Production Schedule Now

Why Scheduling Is Important For A Successful Magazine Launch

If you are starting a magazine you are starting a business that requires discipline. Every business owner will tell you that their business is time critical, that they need to meet deadlines, that they are working against a ticking clock. Now here is the secret, in most businesses deadlines can slip…a day late is often good enough.  Magazine publishing is different…your deadlines will be absolute and from day one you need to have policies, structures and disciplines in place to hit those deadlines.

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23 Sep

4 Great Productivity Tools To Help You Start A Magazine

Planning To Start A Magazine Here Are Four Tools That Can Help Prevent Anxiety And Overload

I had an interesting conversation the other day with someone who has been talking to me for some time about her plans to start a magazine and about the progress that she is making.

She told me that she is beginning to feel overwhelmed by the whole process and that she now understood how much organisation was needed when planing a magazine launch.

I find that this is a common problem, what it boils down to is this…if you are planing to start a magazine you needs to accept early in the process that that are actually starting a business. You will therefore need to develop the skills and disciplines that any business needs in order to succeed.

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17 Sep

Planning To Start A Magazine – Insider Tricks For Researching The Market

How To Gain Competitive Advantage During A Magazine Launch

If you are starting a magazine you will need to research the market that you are entering in order to gain an understanding of the potential for your magazine.

Most of all you need a fairly accurate estimate of…

  • The number of magazines in your chosen market.
  • Their cover prices.
  • The one sale date of your competitors.
  • How frequently they are published.

Read on to learn just how easily this can be done…

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09 Sep

Why Newspapers Are Dead And The Lessons For Magazine Publishers

Things May Be Tough In Magazines But At Least You Are Not Publishing A Newspaper

I have a friend who works for a local newspaper in West Yorkshire, the venerable Yorkshire Evening Post, one of Johnson Press’s flagship titles. We fell into conversation about the future for the paper that he works on and I asked him “How many people do you think buy the Leeds edition”.

His answer was “I think its a bit less that 75,000 nowadays”.

The actual circulation, and the title has an ABC so this is no secret, is 23,595.

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02 Sep

Why Start A Magazine If No One Can Find It

The Key To A Successful Magazine Launch – The Battle For Space On The Newsagents Shelf

The morning after a magazine launch usually goes something like this.

  • You have not slept in weeks.
  • You have put your heart and soul into it.
  • You have spent every penny you, your friends and your relatives can scrape together.

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