04 Feb

Spotify For Magazines Anyone?

Do Developments In The Book Publishing World Show The Way Forward For Magazine Publishers?

On the surface the book publishing world appears to have adapted to digital rather more successfully than magazine publishing. E Readers have been around for a few years now and take up is steady and sustained.

Many readers have now grown used to carrying around a whole library of books on a reader or a tablet and publishers are beginning to adapt the technology to improve reader experience. In markets such as food and hobbies rich content is much better developed than it is within many magazine publishing companies.

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13 Nov

Starting A Magazine : You Need To Think Like A Retailer

The Key To A Successful Magazine Launch

In order to achieve a successful magazine launch you will need to take off your publishers hat and think like a newsagent.

No matter how innovative your magazine is or how wonderfully it has been written and designed you will not be successful unless newsagents choose to display it on their shelves.

There are a number of factors which will influence a newsagents decision to stock your title. The most unpalatable of these will be the need for a promotional budget, but budget is not the only factor that will influence a retailers discussion to stock your magazine or to turn it down.

Read on to learn how to ensure that your magazine is in the right stores from day one.

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02 Sep

Why Start A Magazine If No One Can Find It

The Key To A Successful Magazine Launch – The Battle For Space On The Newsagents Shelf

The morning after a magazine launch usually goes something like this.

  • You have not slept in weeks.
  • You have put your heart and soul into it.
  • You have spent every penny you, your friends and your relatives can scrape together.

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24 Jul

About To Start A Magazine: How To Set Your Cover Price

About To Start A Magazine: The Beginners Guide To Cover Prices

If you plan to start a magazine one of your first tasks will be to decide on the cover price that your magazine will sell at. Magazine publishing is unusual in that ,broadly speaking, the “manufacturer” sets the selling price and your magazine will not be discounted by retailers…the price you set is the price the magazine reader will pay. When you are starting a magazine then make sure you set the optimum cover price from day one. Read More

23 Jul

The Magazine Range Review: How To Avoid The Supermarket De-List Trap

How To Defend Your Magazine And Why You Need To Act Now?

If your magazine is stocked by Tesco it might not be there for much longer.  Tesco have kicked off the review season announcing a full review of their magazine range which will be implemented in October 2014. This provides an opportunity for new magazines to be presented to supermarket buyers and existing magazines to be proposed for a display at more stores.

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22 Jul

Why Now Is The Best Time Ever To Start A Magazine

Planning To Start A Magazine: Why There Has Never Been A Better Time

You plan to start a magazine, you have a great idea, you have done your research and now you are asking yourself should I really go ahead and launch? After all times are tough, circulations are falling and its all so complicated. Well here is the good news…there are sound reasons why today is the best time that there has ever been to launch a magazine…read on and be enthused!

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