25 Mar

Lessons For Magazine Publishers: Are Multiple Sales Real Sales

The Magazine And Newspaper ABC’s Reveal Bulks Are Back

Tough times for newspaper publisher are often followed by a little ABC’s finagling, are there lessons for magazine publishers?

The use of Bulk Sales went out of fashion a few years ago, there was a time when almost every retail outlet visited on a Sunday would offer you a free copy of the Sunday newspaper of your choice. Advertisers were unconvinced but, especially at News International, the practice is back in vogue.

News International Newspapers

Are bulk sales a valid marketing technique or simply a way of duping advertisers?

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19 Feb

What Can You Learn From The Latest Magazine ABC’s

The Magazine ABC’s And What They Mean For Magazine Publishing

The latest magazine ABC’s were published recently with little fanfare…what used to be an event of enormous importance now passed without much fuss.

If you are starting a magazine then what do the ABC’s tell you about what is happening in the magazine market and the health of the industry you are joining.

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07 Oct

Starting A Magazine : 4 Reasons Why You Need A Production Schedule Now

Why Scheduling Is Important For A Successful Magazine Launch

If you are starting a magazine you are starting a business that requires discipline. Every business owner will tell you that their business is time critical, that they need to meet deadlines, that they are working against a ticking clock. Now here is the secret, in most businesses deadlines can slip…a day late is often good enough.  Magazine publishing is different…your deadlines will be absolute and from day one you need to have policies, structures and disciplines in place to hit those deadlines.

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02 Sep

Why Start A Magazine If No One Can Find It

The Key To A Successful Magazine Launch – The Battle For Space On The Newsagents Shelf

The morning after a magazine launch usually goes something like this.

  • You have not slept in weeks.
  • You have put your heart and soul into it.
  • You have spent every penny you, your friends and your relatives can scrape together.

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