06 May

Starting A Magazine: How To Use Facebook Interest Targeting

Using Facebook To Help You Engage Your Magazine Readers

In December of this year Facebook began to allow page owners to target different segments of their audience using audience members interests and preferences.

In the past interest based targeting of Facebook posts was only available to advertisers but it can now be used by magazine publishers to find very specific niche interests within their Facebook audience.


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19 Feb

What Can You Learn From The Latest Magazine ABC’s

The Magazine ABC’s And What They Mean For Magazine Publishing

The latest magazine ABC’s were published recently with little fanfare…what used to be an event of enormous importance now passed without much fuss.

If you are starting a magazine then what do the ABC’s tell you about what is happening in the magazine market and the health of the industry you are joining.

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04 Feb

Spotify For Magazines Anyone?

Do Developments In The Book Publishing World Show The Way Forward For Magazine Publishers?

On the surface the book publishing world appears to have adapted to digital rather more successfully than magazine publishing. E Readers have been around for a few years now and take up is steady and sustained.

Many readers have now grown used to carrying around a whole library of books on a reader or a tablet and publishers are beginning to adapt the technology to improve reader experience. In markets such as food and hobbies rich content is much better developed than it is within many magazine publishing companies.

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20 Jan

7 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Digital Magazine

Stop me if you have heard this one before but 2015 could finally be the year that digital magazine publishing comes of age. If you plan to start a digital magazine the publishing world is set to get much more interesting.

Digital publishing has been the great also ran of the last few years…promising much and delivering little. The technology is now mature and there are reasons for thinking that 2015 may be the year when digital finally comes of age.

For new publishers digital publishing has one overriding advantage over print…its cheap.

Problem is it has not so far delivered numbers…read on to learn why this could be about to change.

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22 Oct

How To Start A Digital Magazine And Make Money

Turn Cost Into Profit When Starting A Magazine App

Magazine apps are an attractive way to launch a magazine brand, especially if you are new to publishing and have limited resources.

For traditional print based magazine publishers apps can provide a new revenue stream and the opportunity to reach readers who would never buy the print version.

Reader take up of paid downloads has been slow, however, and for many publishers the level of sales being generated has been disappointing.

So how do we make money from publishing a digital magazine…

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22 Jul

Why Now Is The Best Time Ever To Start A Magazine

Planning To Start A Magazine: Why There Has Never Been A Better Time

You plan to start a magazine, you have a great idea, you have done your research and now you are asking yourself should I really go ahead and launch? After all times are tough, circulations are falling and its all so complicated. Well here is the good news…there are sound reasons why today is the best time that there has ever been to launch a magazine…read on and be enthused!

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