09 Jun

Two for one on food magazines

Here is an odd one…

Visiting one of WHSmith’s always delightful emporiums the other day I noticed the distinct similarity between the current issues of Delicious and BBC Good Food.

Seem like noodles are the thing for this summer

Its an interesting comparison…to my mind BBC Good Food have put together a better cover, the Delicious cover just looks a bit dull and unexciting to me.

Must be frustrating for the editorial teams of both magazines though…


08 Jun

Magazine Monday: MG Enthusiast

I really like this cover for MG Enthusiast, owners would buy the magazine in search of practical advice and the cover tries hard to communicate that the magazine will provide this.

MG Enthusiast Magazine

I would make more of the “Also Inside” message and I would like to see this on the left hand side of the cover to help if the right hand side is obscured by a competitor magazine. Read More

01 Jun

Magazine Monday: Lakeland Walker

I do like this cover for Lakeland Walker. I guess it is fair to assume that the June issue of the magazine is really important to the publisher and the “get your boots back on” message really works.


Regional magazines need to identify themselves on a crowded newsstand and the country and walking section is as busy as any. Read More

06 May

Starting A Magazine: How To Use Facebook Interest Targeting

Using Facebook To Help You Engage Your Magazine Readers

In December of this year Facebook began to allow page owners to target different segments of their audience using audience members interests and preferences.

In the past interest based targeting of Facebook posts was only available to advertisers but it can now be used by magazine publishers to find very specific niche interests within their Facebook audience.


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04 May

Magazine Monday: Horse And Rider

Equestrian Magazines Are Difficult To Get Right

Equestrian magazines are a difficult area of publishing to stand out in. There are an awful lot of titles out there and it is also a market where you will find a large number  of regional magazines so distribution can be complicated.


I like the idea of featuring a “Horse Fitness Plan” this seems to be an ideal eye catcher for a readers in a busy newsagents.

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22 Apr

How To Start A Magazine: Tips And Tricks To Help Design Great Editorial Pages

How To Design Your Editorial

One of the most important steps in putting a new magazine together is having a clear focus on how you can organize your editorial and how you can ensure that your pages work as they should.

Here are some tips that will help you to organize your magazine pages and will help you create a magazine that works for your readers.

Many of these tips may seem obvious but do keep an open mind and do ensure that when you are planning your magazine launch you put together an editorial product that works for your readers.

Uncut Magazine

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20 Apr

Magazine Monday: Gardens Illustrated

Spring Is The Key Time For Gardening Magazines

The April issue sees the starting gun fired for gardening magazines, it’s a busy section of the newsstand and this cover from Gardens Illustrated shows how to stand out on a very crowded shelf.


See the trouble with gardening magazines is that they all look a bit the same and can sometimes look a bit desperate…this one looks anything but.

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08 Apr

Inspiration From The New Yorker

A Unique Offer From A Unique Magazine

The New Yorker is a one off…you will not find another magazine in the work that looks even remotely similar.

If you are starting a magazine you could do worse than download the free podcast that they have put together to celebrate the magazine’s 90th anniversary.

The New Yorker Magaizne


The podcast featured lots of the magazine’s main contributors sharing how the magazine is created and edited.  The key take away for me is not to try to write the best article possible but to write the best article you can write.

The magazine for the “man about town” would you believe…was and still is.

Visit Ninety Year Of The New Yorker to learn how the magazine has “changed and refused to change”.