25 Mar

Lessons For Magazine Publishers: Are Multiple Sales Real Sales

The Magazine And Newspaper ABC’s Reveal Bulks Are Back

Tough times for newspaper publisher are often followed by a little ABC’s finagling, are there lessons for magazine publishers?

The use of Bulk Sales went out of fashion a few years ago, there was a time when almost every retail outlet visited on a Sunday would offer you a free copy of the Sunday newspaper of your choice. Advertisers were unconvinced but, especially at News International, the practice is back in vogue.

News International Newspapers

Are bulk sales a valid marketing technique or simply a way of duping advertisers?

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27 Feb

BMW Adds Electronic Chip To Print Magazine Adverts

NFC Chips Allow Readers To Download App From The Page

Here’s a new one…

Ever on  the lookout for a new approach BMW are working with the electronics company Tomoco to add electronic NFC chips to their magazine page advertising.


The technology uses the same chip technology as do contact-less payment systems. The idea is that readers tap the chip with their smart phone and this allows then to download an exclusive app.

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19 Feb

What Can You Learn From The Latest Magazine ABC’s

The Magazine ABC’s And What They Mean For Magazine Publishing

The latest magazine ABC’s were published recently with little fanfare…what used to be an event of enormous importance now passed without much fuss.

If you are starting a magazine then what do the ABC’s tell you about what is happening in the magazine market and the health of the industry you are joining.

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03 Dec

Magazine Publishers: Use Your Digital Skills As Part Of Your Advertising Sales Offer

Starting A Magazine Or Growing A Publishing Business : Offer Digital Marketing To Your Advertisers

You may not have guessed it but advertising revenues for magazines and newspapers are growing again. Newspaper publishers are also doing some interesting things that are beginning to produce new revenue streams.

Demand for advertising in the printed magazine is showing slow decline with most magazines experiencing declines of 4% – 5% per year but this is being more than compensated for by growth in digital advertising. Regional newspapers, for example, are predicting growth of 17% in digital advertising this year…from a low base it has to be admitted  but substantial growth nonetheless.

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22 Oct

How To Start A Digital Magazine And Make Money

Turn Cost Into Profit When Starting A Magazine App

Magazine apps are an attractive way to launch a magazine brand, especially if you are new to publishing and have limited resources.

For traditional print based magazine publishers apps can provide a new revenue stream and the opportunity to reach readers who would never buy the print version.

Reader take up of paid downloads has been slow, however, and for many publishers the level of sales being generated has been disappointing.

So how do we make money from publishing a digital magazine…

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